Cultural Encounters

Cultural encounters can happen anywhere in the world, and although a person can have a new cultural experience in their own community, I also  I relish the opportunity to visit other countries, meet their people and experience their cultures. 

I have produced one series of thirty-two  paintings, Portraits of Paradise that reflects such an experience, after having spent three weeks traveling in the South Pacific.  These paintings are portrayals of my experience with some of the people, landscapes, textiles, flora, fauna, and cultural traditions of the region.  My next series will be Glimpses of Guatemala, based on a nearly two week road trip around the country.  I am always inspired by such cultural encounters, and ideally my paintings will not only reflect my personal  interests but will also resonate with the people who view them, possibly even  providing them with new learning or insights. 

Portraits of Paradise
Glimpses of Guatemala

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